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I've FINALLY beaten Paper Mario for the N64, technically I played it on the Virtual Console version that I bought on the Nintendo E Shop for 10$. I'm not going to bother to put a spoiler warning because people who've played Mario games before should know that Bowser is the final boss and let me tell you Bowser's a cheating bitch! He kept on healing himself so all that time I spent dealing a shit ton of damage was for nothing. I did eventually beat him but I had a hard time beating him my friend's brother suggested I used Watt but Watt was near useless I used the same tatic that I used to defeat the Shadow Queen (Hide and attack) All in all Paper Mario's a great game but I prefer it's sequel more because it was the first Paper Mario I played and because it's story was far better than the first one I mean come on! It's the same bland repetitive story of Bowser kidnapping Peach, at least in the sequel the villains isn't Bowser this time around!
Last night was the very first time I went to a Legend of Zelda concert and it was AMAZING! I went to the concert with my best friend she wasn't dressed up as a character but she was dressed in formal clothes, I on the other hand was cosplaying as the Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess. My cosplay wasn't THAT good but hey at least I tried anyways I'll post pictures of myself cosplaying as Zelda I'm not promising soon but once the computer my family uses gets fixed then I'll upload the pictures. The theater was PACKED full of Zelda fans two people who were going to play the songs at the concert asked if they could take a picture of me so naturally I said yes! In fact some people asked to take a photo with me two guys (probably Zelda nerds like me) and a girl cosplaying as Twilight Princess Link. I stayed in character the whole entire time and some idle conversation with some of the people there but the best cosplay by FAR was a girl cosplaying as Princess Hilda from Triforce of The Gods 2 (A Link Between Worlds) I complented that her costume looked beautiful. I asked her questions such as "How long did it take you to make this costume?" or "Where did you get the wig from?" Which she replied "I got it from Ebay." I also asked how Ravio was she said he was good, moving on though I was thoroughly disappointed that the theater had only one merchandise vender that only sold tshirts and posters I guess that rumor I heard about  a brand new series of Zelda manga books being sold at The Symphony of The Goddess concert was wrong. I barely saw any cute guys cosplaying as Link I only saw a few girls cosplaying as Link, one girl was cosplaying as OOT Link in his heat resistant Goron tunic. I saw one girl cosplaying as Twilight Princess Zelda, two girls cosplaying as Skyward Sword Zelda but one of the girls dressed up as her I waved hello to her near the fountain said that I loved her costume, I also jokingly said to her "Oh hey it's my ancestor!" Which she replied with "I'm a God!" My best friend and I had good seats in the  auditorium when the concert started it was beautiful and I when I heard the orchestra play songs from the majority of the Zelda games I've played I felt nolstagia wash over me and my memories of playing those games as a wee little child. Unfortunately my feel-good experience was cut short by some fugly Dodongo face! when he started to complain that my best friend and I were "Too loud." We're Zelda fangirls what do you fucking expect you either deal with it or STFU! Just because we were whisper talking about our love for the franchise. When we got back after the intermission that dumbass had the audacity the nerve to scold us mainly myself to not talk that much my friend on other hand was scared of this guy I wasn't I stood my ground being stubborn and flat out ignored him when he was talking to me and even said in a bossy tone he was speaking to me. So I purposely began to talk louder while the show resumed JUST to piss him off on purpose. I even flipped him the bird while his back was turned for how angry I  was. Anyways enough of that nonsense I rememberthem playing songs from Spirit Tracks, A Link To The Past, Twilight Princess, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, and Ocarina of Time but strangely not Minish Cap, Four Swords or any of the other 2D Zelda games I even got to see footage of Shigeru Miyamoto talking about the franchise alongside Eiji Aounuma, and Koji Kondo the composer of the franchise. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to record the concert I wanted to on my 3DS XL but was afraid I'd get into trouble, after the concert was finished my best friend and I took selfies together and my mom took photos of us, my friend's dad called me Zelda and that was funny! XD Anyways it was an AWESOME concert and I hope I get to go next year as Miss Tetra oh and my friend's brother probably might come next year because he's a Zelda fan like me.
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I really need some points. That is why I offer the following legit Pokemon for XY and Alpha/Saphir:

Shiny Pikachu --> for 300 points
Shiny Oshawott --> for 300 points
Shiny Totodile --> for 300 points
Shiny Meowth --> for 300 points
Shiny Eevee --> for 300 points
Shiny Umbreon --> for 300 points
Shiny Ditto --> for 300 points
Shiny Charizard ---> for 500 points
Shiny Dragoran --> for 500 points
The Event: Super Smach Bros. ---> Shiny Greninja for 700 points
Shiny Shaymin --> for 700 points
Shiny Manaphy --> for 700 points
The Event: San Jun --> Shiny Pachirisu ---> for 700 Points
The Event: --> CoroCoro ---> Shiny Rayquaza ---> for 1500 points
The Event: --> Tanabata ---> Non shiny Jirachi --> for 1500 points
The Event: The Mystical Pokemon ---> Non shiny Diance ---> for 1500 points
The Event: --> Movie --> Non shiny Hoopa ---> for 1700 points
The Event: 7-Eleven Pokemon --> Shiny Lugia ---> for 1700 points
The Event: --> Desert City --> Shiny Arceus ---> for 2000 points

The listed Pokemon are all legit and have the blue pentagon.
Please send me a note with your friendcode  if you're interested :) (Smile)
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