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Last night was the very first time I went to a Legend of Zelda concert and it was AMAZING! I went to the concert with my best friend she wasn't dressed up as a character but she was dressed in formal clothes, I on the other hand was cosplaying as the Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess. My cosplay wasn't THAT good but hey at least I tried anyways I'll post pictures of myself cosplaying as Zelda I'm not promising soon but once the computer my family uses gets fixed then I'll upload the pictures. The theater was PACKED full of Zelda fans two people who were going to play the songs at the concert asked if they could take a picture of me so naturally I said yes! In fact some people asked to take a photo with me two guys (probably Zelda nerds like me) and a girl cosplaying as Twilight Princess Link. I stayed in character the whole entire time and some idle conversation with some of the people there but the best cosplay by FAR was a girl cosplaying as Princess Hilda from Triforce of The Gods 2 (A Link Between Worlds) I complented that her costume looked beautiful. I asked her questions such as "How long did it take you to make this costume?" or "Where did you get the wig from?" Which she replied "I got it from Ebay." I also asked how Ravio was she said he was good, moving on though I was thoroughly disappointed that the theater had only one merchandise vender that only sold tshirts and posters I guess that rumor I heard about  a brand new series of Zelda manga books being sold at The Symphony of The Goddess concert was wrong. I barely saw any cute guys cosplaying as Link I only saw a few girls cosplaying as Link, one girl was cosplaying as OOT Link in his heat resistant Goron tunic. I saw one girl cosplaying as Twilight Princess Zelda, two girls cosplaying as Skyward Sword Zelda but one of the girls dressed up as her I waved hello to her near the fountain said that I loved her costume, I also jokingly said to her "Oh hey it's my ancestor!" Which she replied with "I'm a God!" My best friend and I had good seats in the  auditorium when the concert started it was beautiful and I when I heard the orchestra play songs from the majority of the Zelda games I've played I felt nolstagia wash over me and my memories of playing those games as a wee little child. Unfortunately my feel-good experience was cut short by some fugly Dodongo face! when he started to complain that my best friend and I were "Too loud." We're Zelda fangirls what do you fucking expect you either deal with it or STFU! Just because we were whisper talking about our love for the franchise. When we got back after the intermission that dumbass had the audacity the nerve to scold us mainly myself to not talk that much my friend on other hand was scared of this guy I wasn't I stood my ground being stubborn and flat out ignored him when he was talking to me and even said in a bossy tone he was speaking to me. So I purposely began to talk louder while the show resumed JUST to piss him off on purpose. I even flipped him the bird while his back was turned for how angry I  was. Anyways enough of that nonsense I rememberthem playing songs from Spirit Tracks, A Link To The Past, Twilight Princess, Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword, and Ocarina of Time but strangely not Minish Cap, Four Swords or any of the other 2D Zelda games I even got to see footage of Shigeru Miyamoto talking about the franchise alongside Eiji Aounuma, and Koji Kondo the composer of the franchise. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to record the concert I wanted to on my 3DS XL but was afraid I'd get into trouble, after the concert was finished my best friend and I took selfies together and my mom took photos of us, my friend's dad called me Zelda and that was funny! XD Anyways it was an AWESOME concert and I hope I get to go next year as Miss Tetra oh and my friend's brother probably might come next year because he's a Zelda fan like me.
Why Samus Aran to me has to be the most beautiful woman in all of Nintendo and maybe even all of fiction? Since I had first heard of the character of Samus Aran I had been very interested and found myself sexually attracted to this woman from fiction.

I can assure you that I do know that Samus is a made up woman inside of a made up game world known as Metriod but still Samus is a very sexy and powerful woman like no other none the less just over how unique her creation was.

Nintendo has many many female characters in their many game franchise from Rosalina to Princess Toadstool to Princess Peach to Princess Zelda. Each one made to be very pretty wearing their bright coloured dresses and pretty faces but in my opinion none of these mentioned Nintendo ladies can never measure up in beauty and power to the Galactic Bounty Hunter Samus Aran.

But why is Samus Aran so much prettier and even sexier than Princess Peach or Zelda? You reading this may ask?

Well that is simple......

.......Samus has better character.

A better character in that Samus rather than walking around wearing less clothes using her natural beauty to get by, getting men to do her bidding Samus instead does the job on her own. Samus unlike Princess Peach or Zelda is modest about her looks and in that she wears that heavy bulky Chozo armor to cover herself from head to toe, that though makes her look intimidating to men and women alike she does it only to be an equal to men.

Samus unlike Peach or Zelda actually realizes that though she is a woman and one so beautiful beyond any existing words to describe her that she like other or most humans can't or shouldn't use their natural beauty to get by or get things without working hard for it herself like her male counterparts do.

Samus is all about equal rights for women and knows that a working woman is an empowered woman that unlike other women Samus doesn't have to show off her body to get money but to do a job equal to men to earn money in a more honest and dignified way.

Samus understands that the world has hardship and sitting by looking pretty won't always pay the bills no matter how hard some pretty ladies try. Samus is sexy in that she is a true equal to men yet manages to still balance out her femininity all in the right ways.

Samus isn't scared to put on her heavy Chozo armor that some women would say is ugly on them making them look like some scary looking robot monster and not a pretty princess but Samus puts on that armor despite it sacrificing her natural beauty in the process to in exchange be strong and empowered in a world that looks down on women.

Samus is modest enough to set aside that vain part of her femininity and choose to make a statement that she is an equal and no one's princess needing to be saved but could take care of herself.

Samus though spends 90% of her time in her confining Chozo Armor is still way sexier and beautiful than Peach or Zelda in that Samus hides her beauty much of her time. Samus uses her beauty sparingly almost rewardingly creating a mystique that a woman whom shows it all doesn't have as she would give it all there without making people wanting to coming back for more like Samus does.

Samus' beauty is like a drug in that she'll let you see a little of it at a time but then pulls it back making men and even women appreciate the few times she does show it whether it'd be just her uncovered beautiful face, her in her zero suit or the rare times Samus is in her bikini.

Samus knows how to sparingly use her mystique to make people want her more. Samus is a worthy challenge that all fanboys and fangirls just want to solve and Samus challenges people to think smart if she was going to give her gifts to you.

Samus is also hard working on her own without needing a man to help her, showing she is empowered not only as a woman but as a person. Someone to respect as she finds her own wealth as she chooses to do a feat to be admired by any entrepreneur.

Samus though covered in heavy nearly indestructible armor made of heavy and unbreakable metals, inside her suit she is not a ugly creature whatsoever but instead the most beautiful creature you can ever imagine that is near normal human female proportions (unlike Peach whom has an oversized head...not sexy :( )

Inside Samus suit, she is a beautiful still very empowered woman yet very vulnerable and sensitive human whom had experienced real loss (unlike Princess Peach or Princess Zelda) in that Samus watched as both her mother and father were killed right before her eyes when she was just a little girl causing her to train hard to be the bada$$ she was as an adult woman. A woman that if she gave me or any guy permission to help take her heavy armor off, that once it was completely off of her and Samus then stands as a human and not a dangerous robot, I would sure love to walk closer to her and hold her in my arms giving her a well deserved hug in all that this poor woman had to endure and had seen in all her years.

A woman whom embodied all the right qualities most men look for in a good wife or life partner which are that Samus is strong, intelligent, loyal, hardworking, sexy, a mystery that can be solved if you got to know her more as a person and not some object or weapon, and so beautiful that like I said before is so perfect you wouldn't be able to describe it properly in any existing words.

Samus is the type of woman that if you could convince her to somehow marry you that you would or should cherish being with her everyday and give her life which she always deserved or needed which one was a life where she had someone willing to watch her back as she would yours :)

I hope you enjoyed my journal entry blog about Samus :)
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